• Brushed stainless steel housing with embossed “Griddler” logo
• 11” x 7” non-stick, non-removable grill plates
• Preset temperature perfect for grilling sandwiches
• Power On/Ready to Cook indicator lights
• Instruction/Recipe book


Mahavir Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd., Warrants to the purchaser of this MAPLE product, that for a period of 12 months commencing from the date of purchase of the product, the company will repair or replace free of charge any part or parts of the product, should the company be fully satisfied in its sole discretion, that the defect is caused due to faulty material or workmanship only. The warranty will be governed by the following clauses.

1. The company or their Authorized Service Agent / Dealer will repair / replace all parts that are failing due to faulty material or defective workmanship pertaining to the above product.
2. Only the Company or its Authorized Service Agent / Dealer can service / repair or attend to install / reinstall the above product.
3. No on-site warranty will be executed. The warranty will be executed only at authorized service centers and in which the authorized representative / dealer is situated including outstation locations.
4. The warranty extended herein is in lieu of all implied conditions and warranted under the law and is confined to the repair or replacement of defective parts and does not cover any consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss arising from such defects. Further more, the warranty in no case shall extend to the payment or any monetary consideration whatsoever, of the replacement or return of the product as a whole.
5. This warranty does not cover corrosive, plastic part breakage, chipping, peeling, plating and denting.
6. The warranty is issued subject to Jurisdiction of Hyderabad Court of law.
7. The Warranty is covered by force Majeure clause. In the event of the above product struck by any natural calamity, this warranty stands null and void.

This warranty is not valid in case of any other following events:

a) This machine is not used according to the instructions given in the operating and maintenance instructions and incase of parts damaged due to improper usage / abuse / commercial use of product..
b) If the electrical power supply voltage is not within the stipulated norms (170 V to 240V)
c) The Serial Number is deleted, defaced or altered.
d) This Warranty card is not completed immediately after purchase.
e) Any repair work / installation carried out by a person other than by Authorized Service Centre / Service Agent.

use & care


1. Please read these instructions carefully before using the appliance.
2. Check that your mains voltage corresponds to that stated on the appliance.
3. Never leave the appliance unsupervised when in use. Keep out of reach of children or incompetent persons.
4. From time to time check the cord for damages. Never use the appliance if cord or appliance shows any signs of damage but have it checked and repaired by a competent qualified service. Should the cord be damaged, it must be replaced by a competent qualified service.
5. Only use the appliance for domestic purposes and in the way indicated in these instructions.
6. Never immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid for any reason
7. Never use the appliance near hot surfaces.
8. Before cleaning, always unplug the appliance from the power supply.
9. Never use the appliance outside and always place it in a dry environment.
10. Never use accessories which are not recommended by the producer. They could
constitute a danger to the user and risk to damage the appliance. 11. Never move the appliance by pulling the cord. Make sure the cord cannot get caught in any way. Do not wind the cord around the appliance and do not bend it.
12. Stand the appliance on a table or flat surface.
13. Make sure the appliance has cooled down before cleaning and storing it.
14. Make sure the cord never comes into contact with the hot parts of the appliance.
15. The temperature of the accessible surfaces may be very high when the appliance is in use. Make sure not to touch these hot parts of the appliance.
16. Make sure the appliance never comes into contact with inflammable materials, such as curtains, cloth, etc…when it is in use, as a fire might occur.
17. Be careful not to scratch the special coating of the cooking plate, as you might get a few particles of this coating into the food. Use a classical wooden spatula or a heat resistant plastic one.
18. Always unplug the appliance when it is not in use, especially since it is not equipped with an on/off switch.
19. Only use the appliance for food that is supposed to be cooked.


1. Protective coating burn off will cause smoking on first use. This is NOT harmful.
2. When using for the first time, wipe the surface of the plates with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.
3 To remove the baking plates, press the release buttons, and take out the baking plates.
4. Place the desired plates in the appliance by inserting the plate locking tabs in the plate locking openings and press on the plates till you hear a click. You may season the plates with butter, margarine or cooking fat. Since the appliance has a non-stick coated surface, the use of butter or oil is optional.
5. Close the appliance and let it heat.
6. Plug into the electrical outlet. The red power light will glow.

How to make Sandwiches:

1. Prepare your sandwich while the unit is heating.
2. Fully open the sandwich maker. Place a slice of bread in the bottom half with the buttered side against the plate.
3. Fill the sandwich.
4. Add the top slice with the buttered side up and carefully close the appliance. Do not force shut. Steam will be ejected from between the plates; make sure that fingers do not come into contact with it.
4. Lock the two halves with the wire clip while toasting.
5. Your sandwich will be toasted in 2 to 3 min or longer to suit your taste. Open the appliance and remove sandwich using a plastic or wooden spatula. Never use a metal knife as this may damage the non-stick coating.
6. Close the lid to preserve the heat until you are ready to toast the next sandwich.
7. Prepare additional sandwiches if desired while the others are cooking.
8. Unplug when finished.

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