3.Handle to press the plate together
4.knob to lift the Top plate
5.Mains on the Indicator Red Neon Light
6.Consist thermostat to maintain required temperature
7.Provide with thermo fuse as an additional Protection in case of thermostat failure


1.The roti maker should be used for domestic purpose only and in accordance with the instructions given. This warranty does not cover the product used for commercial operations.
2.Genuine spare parts of MAPLE only must be used at all times.
3.This roti maker is under warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of sale only against manufacturing defects
4.In case of any defect, contact the nearest MAPLE authorised service centre with this warranty card duly filled in. This warranty does not include consequential damages, mishandling, tampering by unauthorized person.
5.The warranty does not cover breakage or damages to bakelite / plastic / rubber / glass parts, indicator lamp, coated surface, supply cord, plating, chipping or peeling of nonstick and denting of any appliance once delivered.
6.The warranty is not valid, if the damages are due to voltage fluctuation. During the warranty period the damaged appliance will not be replaced but be serviced only.
7.The decision of manufacturer is final in all cases of complaints and the consumer abides with the company's decision.


1.Before use – Please ensure that the electricity supply in your house is 230-240 V single phase AC only.
2.Plug in the MAPLE Roti maker and switch ON the unit.
3.The Power indicator (RED) will glow indicating that the Roti maker is getting heated.
4.When the required temperature reaches the Indicator (GREEN) will glow, thus indicating that the Roti maker is ready for operation.
5.The temperature will be maintained automatically by the thermostat and the lights will glow accordingly.
6.Keep the dough ball (slightly flattened) towards the lid on the bottom plate.
7.Close the upper plate and gently press down the handle. (If the dough slides and comes out, turn it the other side and press again)
8.Open the upper plate with the knobs provided. Turn the roti around and it will start puffing, put a little bit of oil, if desired and gently close the upper plate (The coating may be scratched due to use of metallic spatula or spoon to flip the roti over, instead use a wooden spatula).
9.The Roti is now ready for serving.

Important safety tips:

1.Unplug the unit and wait until its nonstick surface grid gets cool.
2.Do not use any washing powder/spray for cleaning the nonstick surface.
3.Instead after every use clean the nonstick surface with a damp cloth.
4.Do not immerse the bottom portion of the roti maker in water.
5.While replacing the supply cord, an insulation sleeve made of fabric glass or equivalent material should be used over the cable.

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