1.Powerfull 300 watts motor.
2.Top mounted motor.
3.Translucent container to moniter the cutting requirements.
4.Stainless steel toughened blade.


Mahavir Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd., Warrants to the purchaser of this MAPLE product, that for a period of 12 months commencing from the date of purchase of the product, the company will repair or replace free of charge any part or parts of the product, should the company be fully satisfied in its sole discretion, that the defect is caused due to faulty material or workmanship only. The warranty will be governed by the following clauses.

1. The company or their Authorized Service Agent / Dealer will repair / replace all parts that are failing due to faulty material or defective workmanship pertaining to the above product.
2. Only the Company or its Authorized Service Agent / Dealer can service / repair or attend to install / reinstall the above product.
3. No on-site warranty will be executed. The warranty will be executed only at authorized service centers and in which the authorized representative / dealer is situated including outstation locations.
4. The warranty extended herein is in lieu of all implied conditions and warranted under the law and is confined to the repair or replacement of defective parts and does not cover any consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss arising from such defects. Further more, the warranty in no case shall extend to the payment or any monetary consideration whatsoever, of the replacement or return of the product as a whole.
5. This warranty does not cover corrosive, plastic part breakage, chipping, peeling, plating and denting.
6. The warranty is issued subject to Jurisdiction of Hyderabad Court of law.
7. The Warranty is covered by force Majeure clause. In the event of the above product struck by any natural calamity, this warranty stands null and void.

This warranty is not valid in case of any other following events:

a) This machine is not used according to the instructions given in the operating and maintenance instructions and incase of parts damaged due to improper usage / abuse / commercial use of product..
b) If the electrical power supply voltage is not within the stipulated norms (170 V to 240V)
c) The Serial Number is deleted, defaced or altered.
d) This Warranty card is not completed immediately after purchase.
e) Any repair work / installation carried out by a person other than by Authorized Service Centre / Service Agent.



Read these instructions for use carefully before using the appliance and save them for future reference.
1.Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage (220-240V~) before you connect the appliance.
2.Never use any accessories or parts from other manufacturers or that have not been specifically advised by . Your guarantee will become invalid if such accessories or parts have been used. Do not use the appliance if the mains cord, the plug or other parts are damaged.
3.If the mains cord of this appliance is damaged, it must always be replaced by a service centre authorized in order to avoid hazardous situations.
4.Throughly clean the parts that will come into contact with food before you use Precision the appliance for the first time.
5.Do not exceed the quantities and preparation times indicated in the tables and recipes.
6.Do not exceed the maximum content indicated on the bowl, i.e. do not fill it beyond the top graduation.
7.The emulsifying disc, the blade and the insert holder have to be placed on the tool holder that stands in the bowl.
8.Unplug the appliance immediately after use.
9.Never use your fingers or an object (e.g. spatula) to push ingredients down the feed tube while the appliance is running. Only the pusher is to be used for this purpose.
10.Keep the appliance out of the reach of children.
11.Never let the appliance run unattended.
12.Switch the appliance off before detaching any accessory.
13.Never immerse the motor unit in water or any other fluid, nor rinse it under the tap. Use only a moist sloth to clean the motor unit.
14.When you fit the lid properly onto the bowl, you will hear a click.
15.Remove the protective cover from the blade before use.
16.The cutting edges of the blade and the inserts are very sharp. Avoid touching them.
17.If the blade gets stuck, unplug the appliance before removing the ingredients that are blocking the blade.
18.Let hot ingredients cool down before processing them
19.The bowl is not suitable for the microwave.
21.When the food get stuck between the insert holder and blade, turn off the appliance immediately to avoid gear damaged. Clear the appliance before restart it.


1. Place the tool holder in the bowl.
2. Place the required accessory on the tool holder. (Beware of the sharp cutting edges!)
3. Place the lid on the bowl. Turn the lid in the direction of the arrow until you hear a click.
4. Make sure the motor unit is switched off (speed setting 0). Press the release buttons and attach the motor unit by first inserting its rear end into the handle of the bowl.
5. Then lower the front part of the motor unit onto the lid until you hear a click.
6. Place the pusher in the feed tube. You can insert the pusher in the feed tube to prevent ingredients form escaping through the feed tube. Use the feed tube to push ingredients through the feed tube. Put the plug in the wall socket. The appliance is now ready for use.
7. The speed control allows you to choose the speed setting that is most suitable for a particular processing job in order to obtain optimal results.
• Turbo setting: To let the appliance run at maximum speed.. • Setting 1-5: To let the appliance run at normal speed. • Setting 0: To switch the appliance off. When you have finished processing, the motor unit (and the lid of the bowl) can only be removed after you have switched the appliance off. The release buttons cannot be pressed when the appliance is switched on.
8. To remove the motor unit, press the release buttons and lift the motor unit off the lid of the bowl.


The blade can be used for chopping, mixing, blending, pureeing and preparing cake mixture. 1. Put the tool holder in the bowl.
2. Remove the protective cover from the blade. The cutting edges of the blade are very sharp Avoid touching them!
3. Place the blade on the tool holder.
4. Put the ingredients in the bowl, pre-cut large pieces of food into pieces of approx. 3×3×3cm. See the table for the recommended settings. processing takes 10 to 30seconds.
5. Put the lid on the bowl and attach the motor unit. You can use the pusher to close the feed tube in order to prevent ingredients from escaping through the fees tube.


• The appliance chops very quickly. Use the pulse function for short periods at a time to prevent the food from becoming too finely chopped. • Do not let the appliance run too long when you are chopping (hard) cheese. The cheese will become too hot, will start to melt and will turn lumpy. • Do not use the blade to chop very hard ingredients like coffee beans,nutmeg and ice cubes, as this may cause the blade to get blunt.


• Do not mix ingredients that are hotter than 80!. • When using flour, put the flour in the bowl first and then add the other ingredients.


• Fruits and vegetables can be pureed without adding any liquid.However, you will get a better result if you add a small amount of liquid. • Always start by pureeing the hard and tough ingredients, then add the soft ones. • If food sticks to the blade or to the inside of the bowl: Switch the appliance off. Remove the motor unit and the lid from the bowl.Remove the ingredients from the blade or from the wall of the bowl with a spatula.


The cutting edges of the inserts are very sharp. • Do not touch them! • Do not use the inserts to process hard ingredients, such as ice cubes. • Do not process Parmesan cheese or other hard ingredients with the granulating disc! The granulating disc is suitable for shredding potatoes. 1. Put the insert you want to use in the insert holder. 2. Place the insert holder onto the tool holder that stands in the bowl. 3. Close the lid and attach the motor unit. 4. Put the ingredients in the feed tube. Precut large chunks to make them fit into the feed tube. 5. Fill the feed tube evenly for the best results. 6. Switch the appliance on. See the table for the recommended settings. 7. Press the pusher lightly onto the ingredients in the feed tube. When you have to cut large amounts of food, process only small batches at a time and empty the bowl regularly between the batches. The processing jobs mentioned in the table will take 10 to 30 seconds. 8. To remove the insert from the insert holder, take the insert the holder in your hands with its bottom pointing towards you. Push the edges of the insert with your thumbs to make the insert fall out of the holder.

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